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Empowering Individuals Through Auto Class Actions

Vehicles are critical to our lives and safety—whether we rely on them to get to work, run errands, or transport loved ones. Whatever the purpose, vehicle reliability and safety is paramount. Further, automobiles are one of the largest investments we make, often coming in second only to homes. The safety and usability of our vehicles greatly affect their value.


When automakers install defective components in your vehicles, all that is at risk. You deserve compensation for any injury, dangerous condition, or reduced value you and other owners/lessees of that vehicle experience as a result. However, automakers know that a single individual typically cannot afford to bring a lawsuit to obtain compensation for a defect that is an automaker's fault. Accordingly, they may refuse to fix defects or provide compensation you deserve — hoping you will simply give up and go away.

But even as an individual consumer, you can wield immense power through use of class actions: where an individual brings a lawsuit not just for the defect in their own vehicle, but on behalf of all potentially affected vehicle owners and lessees. Backed by strength in numbers, a class action lawsuit can force an automaker to rectify the defect and/or compensate affected consumers.

Nathan first learned about the steep challenges consumers face in attaining justice for defective vehicles when his father repeatedly experienced a dangerous problem that he had to pay out-of-pocket to repair each time—costing thousands of dollars. With Nathan’s assistance, his father filed a federal class action lawsuit to hold the automaker accountable.

Nathan welcomes the opportunity to assist you in obtaining compensation for automotive defects, backed by his extensive federal litigation experience, up-to-date knowledge of common vehicle issues, and passion for consumer advocacy.


Class actions are an important tool for leveling the playing field between powerful automakers and individual consumers.  With a class action, one person may represent thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of consumers who experienced the same problem with their vehicle. 

Further, class action lawyers typically handle class actions on a contingency basis, which means they are paid out of the money they obtain from the company when the lawyers settle a case or obtain a favorable verdict.  Therefore, a class action lawsuit can provide an individual consumer with the ability to obtain counsel who can take on powerful companies.

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