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A denial from a Social Security Judge does not mean you do not deserve disability benefits.  There are numerous ways that Social Security judges make mistakes.  You need an attorney experienced in Social Security appeals to identify such mistakes and get the denial of your disability claim overturned.

While you have probably waited a long time for your disability hearing, the Social Security judge only has a few hours to review your case and issue a decision.  The result is that they often make mistakes at your expense.  If a Social Security judge denied your claim, please complete the form on this page for a free case review.  We will carefully review the judge's denial to see if there is a good basis for appeal to federal court.


Social Security appeals are a very specialized area of law.  For the best chance of reversing the denial of your disability claim, you need an attorney with extensive experience in Social Security appeals.

Nathan Heber has handled more than 400 Social Security appeals in federal district courts in Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, and Florida.  Prior to starting Heber Law Firm LLC, Nathan was an attorney with the Social Security Administration, where he litigated Social Security denials in federal court and trained social security judges.  Nathan welcomes the opportunity to apply his extensive knowledge and experience to helping you get your Social Security denial overturned by a federal judge.














ALJs make mistakes, and federal law gives disability claimants the right to request judicial review of their case. With a successful federal court appeal, you may preserve your entitlement to substantial past-due benefits. You may also preserve your insured status.

A federal court can remand (send back to SSA) your case for reconsideration, or, in rare cases, even order SSA to pay you benefits immediately.  In some cases, after the appeal to federal court, SSA’s attorney may agree to voluntarily remand your case to the agency, even before a federal judge rules on the case.

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